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A draw of ourselves

Who we are

It’s not easy, do you know who you are? We are the result of what we had lived Evolution, changes and tons of doubts

Professionals that were working the lastest 10 years in search of new solutions to different clients, working in agencies and consulting. These experiences gave us the possibility to:

  1. Get to know clients with very different weights
  2. Develop in multiple projects with different sizes
  3. Lead teams on remote
  4. Guide training sessions
  5. Lived hard times
  6. Pushed always forwards with more strenght

Well, we worked a lot

All those experiences shaped and helped us to understand that:

  1. We are all the same and we want the same but with differents formats
  2. The happy path it should be the exception
  3. No matter the role, is a person like you
  4. Sometimes the enemy is in the house but it may be rewarding
  5. People are not robots
  6. You could love what you do but life, as the truth, is outside

What we do

What we love the most. Build user interfaces thinking as an user: UX, UI design, copywriting, web semantically and accessible and front-end development

On a normal day we use: HTML + CSS + JS but we are used to develop with: React, Storybook, Pug, SCSS (SASS), Hugo and Firebase.

If you are looking for freelancers, mentorship or training for your company, don’t heistate in get in touch and ask how we could help you.

Where we are

We are currently open to work, and collaborate on new projects, so we will be happy to assist :)

You could find us enjoying life on kind of lonely places and eventually on twitter, in this email address or in this number (+34) 677 182 723